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Shadow Realms is an upcoming online action role-playing game developed by BioWare for the PC. The game focuses on 4 vs 1 battles. Teams of four players team up against a variety of supernatural monsters, including the Shadowlord, a powerful enemy controlled by another player.

The game's release date is currently TBA.

Official descriptionEdit

Episodic Storytelling: Enjoy the excitement of a constantly evolving story as new cliff-hanger episodes are released regularly with intriguing characters and impactful choices, letting you and your friends speculate on what comes next, much like your favorite TV series.

A Modern Fantasy World: From the dark alleys of Paris to the gothic towers of Embra, adventure through an immersive new BioWare world where machine gun wizards and bomb squad clerics rule the day.

Dynamic Co-Op 4 vs 1 Missions: Team up with three other Heroes in story-driven adventures packed with fast-paced tactical combat against a player-driven Shadowlord who controls creatures, sets traps and changes the environment itself, making the adventure and the battle different every time.

Combat Customization: Deep character and combat customization options offer you the ability to build and progress as a powerful Hero and Shadowlord uniquely suited to your play-style and one that sets you apart from the crowd. Earn and choose from a broad set of abilities that you can mix regardless of class offering a very deep and diverse set of options.


The player can choose from seven classes:



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